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Vote Yes on November 7th to Renovate JFK Middle School.



The image on the left is how JFK Middle School looks today. The image on the right represents the new concept.  Some highlights of the new design include:

Addresses all needed maintenance and repairs (Boilers, roofs, windows, storage, etc…);
Installation of high performance and energy efficient systems (Climate control, LED lighting, etc…);
Increased parking and improved traffic flow;
Portable classrooms replaced with permanent structures;
Irrigated athletic fields with handicap access and spectator seating;
Fully renovated pool for community use;
Cutting edge educational spaces to support program needs including expansion of special education areas;
Expanded seating in the cafeteria;
New auditorium and stage with increased seating and handicap access.

Voting Yes is the right decision for Enfield.  Voting Yes is the right decision for our children.  Our children deserve the best opportunities and the best schools we can afford.  And this project is affordable thanks to school project reimbursement from the State.  We’ve all seen how well the High School has turned out.  Now we have the opportunity to have a 21st century middle school to match.  Sure, some of you may think the cost is too high or that other facilities should be used.  However, JFK is the best facility we have in town for a middle school and its curriculum.  It is in a residential (as opposed to a commercial / industrial) area.  Its structure and size are better suited to a cost-effective project.  And the longer we wait, the more it will cost because we risk losing reimbursement from the State… funds that are already put aside separate from the general fund.  Voting Yes sends these dollars to Enfield as opposed to Bridgeport, New Haven or Hartford.

Need more reasons to Vote Yes on November 7th?  Visit our FAQ page.

Click here to watch a video of Enfield Town Council comments on the JFK Project

Project History:

In March of 2016, the Enfield Board of Education made a bi-partisan decision, on a 6-3 vote, to use JFK as Enfield’s Middle School Middle.  Their decision was made on the basis of the Facility Conditions Assessment (FCA) report.  This report showed a cost comparison of bringing both JFK and Fermi to a common base for code compliance and needed repairs.  The data clearly indicated such repairs at JFK costing $13,992,090 less than Fermi ($29,261,022  vs. $15,268,932).  Of note, the figures for JFK were later confirmed by a report from Silver, Petrucelli & Associates showing a repair and code compliance cost of $16,285,600 (with the delta easily explainable by the difference in time between the two reports).

In May of 2016, in acceptance of the Board of Education’s decision, the Enfield Town Council formed the JFK Pre-Referendum Committee.  This committee was charged with developing a concept for renovations to JFK Middle School.  The committee was staffed by representatives from Town Staff (2), JFK Middle School (2) and five electors from the Town of Enfield.  Members of Enfield’s Town Council, Board of Education and Department of Public Works also aided in advising the committee.

From June of 2016 through August of 2017, the Pre-Referendum Committee met regularly and worked diligently to come up with a concept for JFK Middle School.  They worked with architectural consultants from Silver, Petrucelli & Associates.  In addition, the Committee solicited feedback from the citizens of Enfield, teachers and staff from JFK Middle school and from their Town Government liaisons.  Meeting minutes were regularly published.  Frequent presentations were made to Town Government.  The committee allowed public commentary at meetings, had their own website and Facebook page, displayed a booth at Enfield’s July 4th Celebration and communicated openly with the local newspaper… all in an effort to display transparency and an open and honest discussion.

On August 7th, 2017, the Pre-Referendum Committee made their Final Presentation to the Enfield Town Council.  The presentation described the work put into the project while outlining the renovations and improvements to be made and the costs involved.  Following a public hearing on September 5th, the Enfield Town Council approved the referendum measure meaning that on November 7th, Enfield voters will get to make the right choice and vote Yes to renovate JFK Middle School.

Project Cost:

The total project cost shown on the referendum measure is listed as $95 million.  Of that $95 million, $62,936,250 is the anticipated reimbursement from the State and the cap on Enfield’s liability will be $35.5 million.  This bonding cap will provide a reasonable buffer to account for any change orders or other items that often come up in construction projects.

As for the impact on our taxes in Enfield, at the August 7th, 2017 Town Council meeting where the final report was presented, it was estimated that the bonding required for this project would represent a mill rate of 0.5.  However, as the bonding liabilities for other projects will complete during this time, the likely impact will be even less.

In Enfield, projects of greater than $600,000 have to go to referendum.  That is not a lot of money, especially when you consider that a roof for a building like JFK costs around $2.7 million to replace.  And just like when things start to go wrong with your car or your house, the longer you wait… the more expensive it often gets.  So the choice is yours: do you make the right choice for Enfield and Vote Yes or do you vote no, continue to kick the can down the road and wind up paying even more later.

Project Documentation:

JFK Project Brochure

JFK Project Poster

JFK Pre-Referendum Committee Final Report

JFK Enrollment Report

JFK Town Council Presentation


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